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Bring Your Car's Faded Finish Back to Life

Schedule a full-detail car wash in Kalamazoo & Portage, MI

Is your car's paint job scratched up? Does its once-vibrant finish appear dull? Dexterity Detailing can remove scratches, dirt and grime from your vehicle. We offer full-detail car washes in Kalamazoo & Portage, MI. When we're done, the interior of your car will be spotless, and the exterior will be shining.

Give your car the attention it's begging for. Call us today at 269-599-6138 to schedule a full-detail car wash.

Here's why you should leave boat detailing to the pros

When you bring it to Dexterity Detailing, you can trust that our crew will do everything needed to bring out the best in your boat.

You should hire us for boat detailing services because:

  • We have over eight years of experience
  • We can ensure top-quality results
  • We're fully licensed, bonded and insured
Get your boat ready to set sail in style. Contact us now to arrange for boat detailing services.


Full details Include:

  • A decontamination of the paint from any iron deposits
  • A foam Wash and clay bar treatment
  • Hand Wash with soft cleaning pad
  • tire and wheel cleaning with tire shine
  • A ceramic detailing spray that will give 3-4 months of protection to the exterior.
A full wipe down and scotch protectant for dash and doors. And a full shampoo of floor and cloth seats. Leather seats will be cleaned and conditioned and of course windows will be cleaned!