Buffering & Polishing

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Erase Those Dents and Dings

We can buff and polish your car paint

One too many dents or dings on your car can significantly lower its value. Refresh your car's paint job at Dexterity Detailing. We can buff out scratches and chips in your paint, then polish the surface to make it shine again.

No need for costly paint correction services for those tiny blemishes. Call 269-599-6138 today for affordable paint buffing services in Kalamazoo, MI.

Invest in your car's appearance

Buffing and polishing your paint might not be necessary every time you have it detailed, but you should add it to your detailing service when…

  • You’re getting ready to sell your car
  • You get back from a long road trip
  • You’re prepping for a vintage car show

We’ll make sure your car turns heads when you cruise down the street. Contact us today to book a buffing and polishing appointment.